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Fiscal and Tax

At Berruezo-Tenas, we advise on and manage taxes for individuals and companies with a direct approach and at all times striving to find the best option. We look ahead to the close of the quarter and we look for the most favourable alternatives for our clients.

Services of the company we offer
  • Calculation and preparation of VAT.
  • Calculation and preparation of Personal Income Tax.
  • Advice to individual companies to choose the taxation system that best suits their company, direct calculation system or modules.
  • Calculation and preparation of Corporation Tax for companies, foundations and associations.
  • Presentation of the Annual Accounts for companies and foundations.
  • Intra-Community declarations (ROI).
  • Intrastat presentation.
  • Processing of registration with the EORI.
  • Processing of invoices and accounting books through the SII system.
  • Planning and analysis of results.
  • Study of balance sheets and company viability.
  • Establishment of companies: Commercial companies, civil societies, property associations, cooperatives, self-employed persons, associations and foundations.
  • Representation, presentation and processing of requests and inspections by tax authorities and other official bodies.
  • Non-Resident Income Tax.
  • One-stop shop
Management Berruezo Tenas - La Garriga
Management Berruezo Tenas - La Garriga


Fiscal and taxationof non-habitual figures

Over forty years’ experience in the world of consultancy have allowed us to also specialise in non-habitual tax figures.

These include foundations, associations, sports clubs, regime for artists, orchestras and theatre groups.

Fiscal and taxation matters for cryptocurrencies and financial products of any kind.

In addition, we set up and manage companies domiciled in Spain with foreign capital.

We specialise in:
  • Companies, unincorporated entities and self-employed persons.
  • Foundations and associations. Partially exempt entities.
  • Regime for orchestras, theatre companies and music groups.
  • Virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies), and savings systems and atypical payments.
  • Establishment of companies with foreign capital.
  • Advice for new residents, persons who plan to cease being residents of the State and displaced persons.
  • Form 030 for change of tax residence.
  • Form 720 for reporting foreign assets.
  • One-Stop Shop: EU VAT processing.


Accounting and Financial

At Berruezo-Tenas, we strive to be at the side of companies and people. We are the trusted consultancy that you can count on whenever you need it, both for your company, as well as for you and your family.

Today, more than ever, it is essential to keep detailed accounts in order to understand exactly what the results of the company are and, above all, how costs are distributed in order to try to reduce them to the maximum possible extent and to achieve a profit.

At Berruezo-Tenas we offer you the possibility to have a trusted professional from whom you can obtain guidance and advice.

Services of the company we offer
  • Accounting advice tailored to meet the needs of the company, association or foundation.
  • Accounting according to the General Accounting Plan, companies and large companies. We go to our client’s office who carry out the accounting or we collect all the invoices and documentation necessary to carry it out in our consultancy.
  • Simplified accounting for small and medium-sized businesses: Income and expenses, VAT charged and supported books.
  • Repayment tables.
  • Preparation of balance sheets.
  • Preparation of the annual reports and accounts.
  • Trading books.
  • Handling of completing books and annual accounts of companies with the Companies Registry.
  • Analysis of the company’s financial situation in order to obtain maximum profitability.
  • Advice on the different banking/financing alternatives and collection management to minimize costs.
  • Investment studies for personal and family assets.
  • Treasury plans to manage credit.
  • Budget analysis and control.
Management Berruezo Tenas - La Garriga
Management Berruezo Tenas - La Garriga



For labour advice, our work is aimed at providing information on current employment regulations, advising on the management and hiring of personnel, the system of Social Security contributions, incentives for hiring, preparation of pay slips and Social Security, dismissals, etc.

Management and services we offer
  • Registration of companies with Social Security.
  • Registrations, cancellations and settlements for workers.
  • Payroll and Social Security management.
  • Experts also in the Regime of Artists, domestic employees and non-resident workers.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Application of agreements.
  • Calculation of wages and labour costs.
  • Capitalisation of unemployment.
  • Employment Regulation Files (ERTOS and EROS)
  • Registrations, cancellations and modifications of self-employed persons. Dependent self-employed persons.
  • Calculation of pensions.
  • Processing of benefits and pensions: Temporary disability, dependent children, pensions, disability, widowhood and orphanhood, maternity and paternity, etc.
  • Assistance and advice in Labour and Social Security Inspections.
  • Attendance at conciliations and Social Courts.
  • Immigration: processing of residence and/or work permits, renewals, family reunification, etc.



Whether you are a company or an individual, you will have the peace of mind of having a team of professionals close at hand with extensive experience in the legal field.

Family law
  • Processing of separations and divorces by mutual agreement. Drafting of regulatory agreements. Express divorce.
  • Custody and guardianship procedures. Civil partnerships.
  • Procedures for modifying measures. Reductions to alimony, change of custody.
  • Claiming and contesting parentage. Disabilities.
  • Adoptions process. Liquidation of marital financial assets.
  • Enforcement of judgments for non-payment of maintenance. Seizure of goods and wages.
  • Canonical nullities.
  • Conflicts of parental authority.
Civil and commercial law
  • Civil and commercial contracts.
  • Corporate conflicts.
  • Traffic accidents.
  • Contractual liability.
  • Claims for quantity.
  • Sentencing proceedings.
  • Executive judgments and mortgage trials.
  • Precautionary measures.
  • Monitoring and exchange proceedings.
  • Leases.
  • Medical liability.
  • Inheritance law.
  • Banking law.
  • Preferred and subordinated shares.
  • Land clauses in mortgages.
  • Payments on account for housing.
  • Interest rate hedging or SWAPS.
Criminal law

We appear as defence or private prosecution at any proceedings:

  • Drafting of complaints and lawsuits as private prosecutor.
  • Assistance to the defendant or detainee at police stations and in court.
  • Criminal defence in all types of criminal proceedings.
  • Supporting and handling of misdemeanour trials.
  • Holding of speedy trials, drink-driving offences and offences against traffic safety.
  • Trials involving minors.
  • Specialised in matters of domestic violence, applications for protection orders for victims, complaints and lawsuits for abandonment of the family, non-payment of alimony.
  • Penitentiary law. Assistance to inmates in prisons. Request for prison permits and benefits. Third degree.
  • Defence of members of police forces and private security guards.
Administrative law
  • Liability of public administrations in the areas of health, execution of public works, etc.
  • Legal assistance to disciplinary proceedings initiated by the state, regional or local administration in any matter.
  • Arbitration and mediation in matters of consumption, energy (electricity and gas), banks and insurance.
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative appeals in all types of proceedings, including special proceedings for the protection of fundamental rights.
  • Economic-administrative appeals and claims before the tax administration.
  • Registration regularisation and legal advice on relations with public administrations for associations and foundations.
  • Administrative licenses and permits.
Immigration law

We process any type of residence or work permit in Spain:

  • Family reunification.
  • Work and residence permit.
  • Rooting.
  • Nationality.
Management Berruezo Tenas - La Garriga
Management Berruezo Tenas - La Garriga



AtBerruezoTenas we advise on the annual procedure of Personal Income Tax and Wealth Tax, calculating the best option, taking into account deductions, purchase and sale of properties, rentals, pension plans, etc.

Management and services we offer
  • Individual and/or joint income tax returns.
  • Advanced simulation of Income Tax before the end of the year.
  • Complementary and corrective declarations.
  • Treasury requirements.
  • Wealth declarations.
  • Declarations of Non-Residents.
  • Also specialised in the application of Article 7.p of the Personal Income Tax Law, for workers who travel regularly.
  • Taxation on Income from cryptocurrencies.
  • Taxation on income from financial products abroad.




Vehicle Management

Changes to vehicle ownership, registration and deregistration, renewal and duplicates of driving licences, change of address, energy labels, duplicates of vehicle registration certificates and technical data sheets.



Loan contracts, rental contracts, processing of security deposits and guarantors.



Processing of business opening permits.


Inheritance. Donations and inheritance.

Advice on donations and inheritance.

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